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The grain free nutritional concept for sophisticated, feed sensitive dogs of all breeds.

Valuable additives like our mobility complex and silky coat complex support the optimal nutrition of your dog.


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Special Features

  • Grain free
    We use highly digestible potato as carbohydrate source and consciously avoid any cereals. So you feed your dog gentle and grain free.
  • Mobility Complex
    The mobility complex is a combination of natural green lipped mussel extract and highly valid glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. These can effectively support cartilage formation and function.
  • Natural Cell Protection
    Important natural antioxidant substances from different berries (a.o. gentle dried cranberries and blueberries) also vitamin E and the trace element selenium, protect the body’s cells from damaging attacks of metabolic degradation products.
  • Silky Coat Complex
    The silky coat complex is a combination of natural salmon oil, flaxseed and high quality krill. These contain important Omega-fatty acids as components for the positive development of shiny and silky coat and smooth skin.
  • Stable Intestinal Flora
    Chicory offers highly effective dietary fibre (Inulin) which supports the intestinal flora in the intestine. A balanced intestinal flora is the base of a stable digestion.
  • Soft kibble (semi moist)
    Because of the soft kibble (18 % moisture) our feed is a special taste experience and also very compatible.

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