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Cruelty free products - Not tested on animals

The development of new food varieties considers only projects that are based on sufficiently researched and recognized scientific principles.

We strictly refuse to carry out animal experiments which would lead to serious interference in the animals or which are associated with pain or suffering.

Of course, we regularly „evaluate“ our food through animals. Dogs and cats have their own taste, just like humans. We conduct so-called „palatability tests“ in order to assess the food. With these tests, we evaluate the acceptance of the food by the animal as well as the food’s compatability. The pet owners visually assess the eating behavior (e.g. wich food is preferred? Wich food is eaten more?), the characteristics of feces, the coat quality, the general development and condition of their animal. Palatability tests are generally carried out by pet owners – either in private households or by breeders.

Since every pet owner is, of course, concerned about the wellbeing of their animal, it is evident that these acceptance tests have nothing in common with the aforementioned animal experiments.