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Lamb & Sweet potato


  • for adult (< 1 year) diet-sensitive dogs of all breeds
  • 23% Protein / 12% Fat
  • Grain-free recipe


Special Features:

  • Single Protein Lamb
  • Stable intestinal flora
  • Immune support
  • + signature ingredients


Available in the following packaging size: 2.0 kg & 12.0 kg


The grain-free Sensitive menu with fresh lamb, highly digestible sweet potato and fine tapioca as a source of carbohydrates is particularly suitable for dogs with intolerances: Lamb as the sole, animal protein source is a high-quality supplier of valuable protein, easily digestible and a very special taste experience.

The chicory contained in the recipe provides an effective prebiotic (inulin), which can support the bacterial flora in your dog's intestine. The added yeast further enhances this effect - for a balanced bacterial flora, which is the basis for stable digestion.

This delicious menu is rounded out with our diverse blend of various high-quality herbs, blueberries and cranberries. These provide valuable plant ingredients that can support your dog's immune system.

We ensure that your dog gets all necessary nutrients for a happy and fit life.


Even with the greatest care in the production and packaging of our products, traces of other animal protein sources or grains can not be excluded.



Feeding Recommendation

for adult, diet-sensitive dogs

2.5kg 55g
5.0kg 95g
7.5kg 125g
10.0kg 155g
12.5kg 185g
15.0kg 210g
17.5kg 235g
optimal weight daily ration


20.0kg 260g
25.0kg 310g
30.0kg 355g
35.0kg 400g
40.0kg 440g
45.0kg 480g
50.0kg 520g
60.0kg 595g
optimal weight daily ration


Optimal weight of adult dog // gram per day = daily ration
These values are intended as a guideline. Individual needs depend on factors such as age, breed, level of activity and the conditions under which your pet is kept. If your pet’s activity level is increased, please increase the amount of feed accordingly.