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Our comprehensive nutritional concept (life cycle) for dogs of all breeds.

The high quality, wheat free recipes meet the special requirements of your dog in each lifestage and are adapted to his individual activity. cnl dog raw

Special Features

  • Without Wheat
    Due to the deliberate exclusion of wheat, this food is particularly suitable for adult dogs with wheat intolerance. We use a combination of easily digestible carbohydrate sources in our recipes.
  • Silky Coat Complex
    The silky coat complex is a combination of high quality salmon oil, natural flax seed and yeast. These contain important components for the positive developement of shiny and silky coat and smooth skin.
  • Soft Kibble (semi moist)
    Because of the soft kibble (18 % moisture) our feed is a special taste experience and also very compatible.
  • Harmonic Growth
    The adapted protein- and fat content of our feed ensures a harmonic, not too fast growth of your puppy.
  • Anti Aging
    Extra Vitamin E! Vitamin E is a metabolic active antioxidant and can protect body cells from the harmful influence of free radicals.
  • Enhanced Energy Transfer
    The reduction of protein and fat supports the development of the optimal breed characteristic body weight. The added dietary fibres (crude fibre) support the gut mobility and saturation of your dog.
  • Mussel Extract
    Green lipped mussel extract contains special components that can support the developement of cartilage. Additionally the functionality of cartilage in the joint area is strengthened.
  • Immune Complex
    Our immune complex is a combination of Mannanoligosaccharides and beta-Glucanes. It´s stabilizes the gut-micro flora and can support the immune system.

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