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Holistic - Nature - Line

Soft Adult
Ostrich & Potato


  • for adult (< 1 year) diet sensitive dogs of all breeds
  • 23% Protein / 13% Fat
  • Grain free


Special Features:

  • Single Protein Ostrich
  • Stable intestinal flora
  • Soft kibble (semi moist - 18% moisture)


Available in the following packaging size: 2.0 kg & 12.0 kg


Our Adult Ostrich & Potato is the optimal solution for your feed sensitive dog. Ostrich is the only animal protein that we use in this product (Single Protein).
As easy to digest carbohydrate source we use potato.

The soft kibble (18 % moisture) makes our Adult Ostrich & Potato a special taste experience for your dog. Additionally it is extra compatible for very sensitive dogs because of the reduced recipe.

We ensure that your dog gets all necessary nutrients for a happy and fit life.