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Catfood Urinary


Holistic - Nature - Line



  • for grown cats with sensitive urinary tracts
  • 25 % poultry + 9.5 % liver


Special Features:

  • recipe without gluten-containing cereals
  • immune complex



Our Chicopee Urinary is particularly suitable for all older kitties that have sensitive urinary tracts.

The reduction of proteins and minerals (low protein) minimises the urinary degradation products and therefore relieves the kidneys and urinary organs of your furry friend. The formation of urinary stones is effectively prevented.

In our Chicopee Urinary we deliberately avoid gluten-containing cereals (including wheat). That is why this complete food is particularly suited to cats with sensitive stomachs. We use easily digestible carbohydrate sources such as rice and peas in our formula. And the addition of 9.5% liver (fresh & dried) ensures an extraordinary taste sensation.


Available in the following packaging sizes: 1.5 kg & 8.0 kg



Feeding Recommendation

for adult cats

2.0 - 3.0 kg 30 - 50 g
4.0 - 5.0 kg 50 - 75 g
6.0 - 7.0 kg 60 - 95 g
8.0 kg 105 g
optimal weight gram per day


Optimal weight of adult cat // gram per day = daily ration
Fill bowl once a day for all-day self-serve feeding. Fresh water should always be available.