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Catfood Sterilized


Holistic - Nature - Line



  • for grown, castrated & overweight cats
  • 38 % poultry + 9.5 % liver


Special Features:

  • recipe without grain
  • immune complex



Our Chicopee Sterilized is a complete food supplement for nutritionally sensitive kitties that are prone to overweight due to castration. Neutered cats need energy-reduced feed with a lot of fibre (raw fibre), which causes a good repletion and sustainably avoids weight gain (weight control). This relieves the joints and bones of your furry friend.

Our Chicopee Sterilized is made with a high percentage of poultry (38% - fresh & dried) which is a particularly digestible and high-quality source of protein. The addition of 9.5% liver (fresh & dried) ensures an extraordinary taste sensation.

Simply delicious!


Available in the following packaging sizes: 1.5 kg & 8.0 kg