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Catfood Hair & Skin

Hair & Skin

Holistic - Nature - Line

Hair & Skin


  • for grown purebred cats
  • 4 % salmon + 34 % poultry + 9.5 % liver


Special Features:

  • recipe without gluten-containing cereals
  • immune complex



The high content of valuable oils and fats (including 1.5% salmon oil) in our Chicopee Hair & Skin can support an elegant, shiny and supple coat.

The combination of vitamins and trace elements that support a healthy skin and coat makes it especially suitable for pedigree cats.

The addition of 9.5% liver (fresh & dried) ensures an extraordinary taste sensation. Salmon (4%) is a valuable source of omega fatty acids, contains high levels of protein with a high biological value and is easily digested.


Available in the following packaging sizes: 1.5 kg & 8.0 kg